Deep in the Bowels of Verizon Center

Caps club revisedWho knew there was a Coaches Club underneath the ice (or floor) at Verizon Center?  Makes sense, but I’d never seen the signs — or the signs.

After the recent loss to the of-so-woeful Islanders (is it me or do the Caps love close games against crappy opponents — DANGER! — in five Caps games so far this season, I’ve been to two shoot outs and an overtime.  Fun for me, but not so good for a team that should be putting opponents away …) a friend of a friend hooked us up with passes to the mysterious Johnnie Walker club.

Question:  does one order Johnnie Walker at the Johnnie Walker club?

Answer:  this fan had a Bud Light.  Didn’t want to be pretentious.  It is hockey, after all.

So we joined the privileged few, hanging out in the darkened club – a small bar with a lounge-y area where the NBA game was on and a two-sided rail with bar stools . Only downer? Apparently, the players were as bummed out by the overtime loss as the fans.  No shows at the club.  Alas.

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