Calling Ahead to Reserve … Pizza Dough

A couple years ago, I heard rumors of a brick oven pizza place in Philadelphia where you have to call ahead to reserve the pizza dough.  I didn’t really believe it.  Not that the source wasn’t good.  I mean, Stanley’s the kind of person who has a good restaurant recommendation wherever you might be going – Chicago, New Orleans, Paris or Kazakstan.

Tacconelli'sBut the place didn’t ring a bell.  And I lived in Philadelphia for a couple of years.  More importantly, the hub is a Philly native.  I chalked this up to confusion over cities or some urban legend.

Then I heard about it again, from a Philadelphia native who’d just left there a year or two ago.  Must be real.  She said it was worth the drive up.   Niffy‘s recommendation:  tomato and spinach pie.

I’m not sure Tacconelli’s is worth a drive to Philly, but it’s a close call. If you’re in Philadelphia, it’s definitely worth a detour.  Just remember to call ahead to reserve your dough. In our case, we called before we got in the car and snagged a 4:30 rez (for dough!).

We wandered off 95 into a neighborhood lined with little brick houses.  We stopped at a corner store – turned out to be a corner bar – for a six pack to go with our pizza.  (Like many neighborhood places in Philadelphia, Tacconelli’s doesn’t serve alcohol, but they allow you to bring your own wine or beer).

We sat down in a booth and ordered a sausage, mushroom and basil pie which was delicious.  The crust was thin and crispy, the toppings were fresh and high quality.  Wonderful, and went well with our cans of Miller Lite.

Meanwhile, there were a few other tables of people eating pizza, and a steady stream of people picking up carry out orders – in one case, a guy left with 7 pies.  In another, the guy got two pies and one half-baked pie (who knew?)

Glad we had a chance to check out this Philadelphia institution – and we’ll be back next time we’re in town.

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One Response to Calling Ahead to Reserve … Pizza Dough

  1. niffyspector says:

    I told youse guys the pizza would not disappoint! Next time try their specialty the spinach and tomato pie.

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