DC vs. Philly Sports (Part I – MNF)

It was a foregone conclusion the Redskins would lose.  Even the most die hard fan had to admit it.   Sure, some people admitted they were in denial.  Others just hoped things would slowly get better now that the Zorn situation was settled (for the rest of the season).  I was glum all weekend going into Monday Night Football, but perked up yesterday morning:

MNFThe Eagles lost to the Raiders.  The Redskins are better than the Raiders (right?).  In other words, all hope is not lost.

Well, DeShaun Jackson sprinting past Chris Horton on the sideline  squashed that hopeful thought.  But the ‘Skins kept playing close.  And then making a big mistake.  And playing close.  So even until the end, it seemed like we were (kind of) in it.  We weren’t.

Nonetheless, it was a beautiful night for football.  Yes, you needed layers, but not gloves.  The beers didn’t stick to your hands or face (see last year’s Redskins-Eagles game).  The crowd was excited, but in a cynical, not too hopeful kind of way.

As I said to my friends on the way out, Philly 1, Washington 0.

But there’s the Caps-Flyers tonight, and I have a feeling we’ll pull even on the doubleheader.

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