DC vs. Philly Sports (Part II – Caps-Flyers)

Finally, a win for Washington sports vs. Philadelphia.  Represent!

ouchThe first period was slooooowwww.  Flyers dominated.  Caps seemed sleepy.  Crowd was out of it.  The only action was off the ice.  The puck came flying from across the ice, from the other side of the Flyers goal to a couple of rows behind the Flyers bench.  It was stopped by my neighbor’s hand.  Smack!  You can still see the reddish-purple ring where the puck smacked his hand.  Ouch.

Second period was where the Caps picked up the action, and the crowd got into it.  Looked like the Flyers were going to take it to the Caps when the Great 8 scored another timely goal to make it 2-1.  The big hero, though, was Backstrom who tied it at 2-2.  The man had a hand in every score by the Caps.  Finally, he shot and passed his way out of his scoring slump to help get the team going … to 5 in a row.

He even almost got into a fight!  With the Flyers’s C Mike Richards, who mugged him in front of the net.


Warning Flyers fans, don’t get the placid Swede mad!

The chant of the night, though, was “Scottie.”  First by a Flyers fan sitting behind their bench, trying to get Hartnell’s attention, then it was taken up by Caps fans in our section who interspersed shouts of “Scottie” with “mullet.”  Finally, Hartnell turned around and mouthed a few er, choice words. Too bad for Scottie, he went home with the loss.

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