Caps Pre-Game: New Taylor Gourmet Location

It used to be, you had to head (all the way) to the Atlas District to get a decent Philadelphia-style hoagie in this town.  No more.  Taylor Gourmet has opened a second location at 5th and K, in the Vista in Mount Vernon Triangle.  Would it be as good as the original?

Well, I went to the H Street location and the new location two days in a row, and I’m happy to say that both locations are better than ever.

I ordered the Broad Street for lunch on Friday – sharp provolone, garlicky broccoli rabe and warm chicken cutlet on a cold, rainy day.  It was perfect.  It was late, so I got the 12 inch when the 6 inch would have been more than enough. Absolutely delicious.  I also noticed homemade sorbet in the freezer and was intrigued by the Peroni flavor, but my friend rushed us out to get back to work.  Another time.

Saturday, before the Caps game, we headed to the new location.  Rumor was the K Street location served beer? (Wrong – they have beer for takeout but they don’t quite have the license yet).  Just a few blocks from Verizon Center, it was a terrific “dinner” before the game.  This time, I went with the classic 9th Street Italian hoagie – sliced meats and cheese with lettuce, tomato and oil and vinegar.  My favorite part?  I don’t even have to specify no mayo – once at H Street, I said “no mayo please” and was greeted by a cold stare from Casey (or was it David) “we don’t have mayonnaise in this establishment.” Well.  Just wanted to make sure it was a real hoagie – it was.

It’s the bread that makes the Taylor hoagie so good, so says my friend.  I have to agree.  Of course, back in my day in Philadelphia, my hoagies weren’t on seeded rolls, but even I will make the occasional concession to progress.

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