SEI – Perfect Stop For Pre-Theater Bite

I was rushed for time and didn’t think I’d be able to squeeze in a “meal” between work and the opening of The Alchemist at the Shakespeare Theater.  What were the options?

  • Starve – no thanks
  • Eat a huge lunch – and then starve
  • Rush to leave work, annoying co-workers, get to restaurant, scarf down meal, then show up at theater late – I’ll pass.

What about a quick bite at the bar at SEI?  I’d been there before and liked it — good food, yummy drinks.

I arrived at 6:45 or so, plenty of time, and took a seat in the lounge-y area next to the bar.  The bar was full, or I would have sat there.  My other choice was the counter opposite two older guys in suits.  Nah…

The server was very friendly and attentive.  My drink (Asian pear sangria) was excellent.  My oyster roll was delicious.  The only downside was the group of 4 sloshed middle-aged women at the end of the lounge talking about how they hate quibbling over the check whilst quibbling over the check.

All in all, perfect pre-theater stop on a busy workday.

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