Redskins in Turmoil … Again

weeping skinI was going to post about last night’s Caps game, but this quote in DC Sports Bog just caught my eye:

He May Not Be Just That Good Enough

That pretty much says it all.  The ‘Skins locker room is in turmoil.  And I just want names.  Although I have my guesses

In fact, the quote above was from Jason Campbell on LaVar Arrington’s show.  Wonder who he’s referring to …

Maybe Devin Thomas and that beautiful long bomb from Campbell that just doinked off the receiver’s hands.  Or was that Malcolm Kelly?  They’re both the same to me – big receivers with lots of attitude and not enough work ethic, guys who can’t remember their routes and who have hands of cement.  This from a dude who makes more in a year than the average ‘Skins fan will make in something like 20 years.  And who gets paid to catch a football … a football.

Not sure what’s going to happen to turn this thing around, but this team is imploding.  Sunday’s game against the Chiefs could get really ugly.

At this point, I’m afraid things may still get worse before they get better – but I hope I’m wrong.

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