Cougars at the ‘Skins

Since when did the term “cougar” apply to a group of 30 something gals at a football game?  Two of us were married (happily, thank you very much).  The other two were single, but not on the prowl.  We were only in search of a fun time at the ‘Skins-Bucs game.

Things started off on a bad note when just a few minutes past kickoff, we heard the announcers through the speakers in the ladies room.  Apparently, Tampa Bay had scored a touchdown already?  Not sure how that happened.  Got to our seats and George, our season ticket holding “neighbor” gave us the scoop.  Campbell sucks, Zorn needs to be fired.  Not sure that will help, I said.  In other words, same as last home game.

Things got worse before they got better.  Then George called us cougars.  He of the 33 years chaperoning his niece at the game.

Really, he was pretty transparent, he just wanted some attention.  And that’s exactly what he got.

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