Will Firing Zorn Help, Or Make It Worse?

Yes, Zorn’s a nice guy, but I’m not sure he’s a good head coach – yet.  When JC called plays in the hurry up, he seemed to do as well – or better than — Zorn.  But then again, it was the prevent defense, and I know, it only pre-vents a win.

Problem is, I’m not sure firing him three games into the season is the right move. Is it a message to the team to get their a$$ in gear?  Or is it just another year wasted.

I saw Campbell at the post-game and I felt for him. No one wants to do that interview.  And Rock Cartwright doing the interview for FOX, what a guy.  He’s a heart and soul of the team — and played well down the stretch — JC trusts him — why does the team disrespect him by signing someone who’s gonna move him down the depth chart.  Alas, it’s Danny’s World.

Losing to the Lions- now I have to go throw up.

Here’s the problem:  Will canning Zorn light a fire?  Or just doom us to a 2-12 season?  I can’t tell.  I guess if I thought it would help, I’d be on call-in radio, too.  Problem is, I think a new coach will doom the team — really doom it.

How do we can the owner?

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