‘Skins Home Opener Meets Facebook Experiment

Counting down to the Redskins home opener.  Supposed to be a gorgeous day.  Getting excited about the team. In spite of my more logical self.  Yes, the offense looks, ahem, anemic, but that was last season.  And it’s the Rams.  Of course, that’s what I said last year…WashingtonRedskins2

Most important decision:  what to wear.  Sunny day would seem to indicate LaRon Landry jersey (white).  But both my real team and my fantasy football team need Santana Moss (burgundy jersey) to produce.  Tough call.  Leaning Landry though – I mean the dude has a pet monkey, how weird is that?

Second decision:  who to go with.  Choice number one, diehard Redskins fans.  Choice number two, diehard football fans.  But luck is important, too.  Some people have good karma for games, while others just don’t.

That’s where the Facebook experiment comes in.  I decided to ping a high school chum I reconnected with on Facebook.  Why not?  He’s a nice, interesting guy and loves football.  He’ll be fun to party with – at least that’s how he was when we were 18.  I assume inclination to party doesn’t change that much, does it?facebook

Okay, the downsides? Awkwardness.  (Flashback to me at 18.)  But a few beers at the tailgate, a beautiful Fall day and a Redskins win should change all that.  Right?

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