Preview of Washington Fall Sports Season

Redskins home opener this weekend – but why am I oddly not more excited? Perhaps the Giants game put a damper on things? Why do I get the bad feeling this will be a replay of last year. But if it’s a home loss to the St. Louis Rams again, then …. I don’t know what!

On the other hand, the Caps seem HOT! Am I right or am I right?

Here’s the informal focus group.  I’ve been approaching friends about tickets to both:

Wanna go to a Redskins game?  I don’t think I’ve ever been to FedEx.  Sure, why not?

Wanna go to a Caps game?  OMG, you have season tickets?  Can I buy some of the games from you?  I can’t wait to see some pucks!

What do you think:  does casual fan excitement over games correlate to how good the season will be?

For the Redskins, I hope not.

For the Caps, I certainly hope so!

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