Along For The Ride With Jakob Dylan and The Wallflowers

“I’ll play all the good songs,” Dylan said in that husky almost raspy voice of his.  “But we might disagree about what the good songs are,” he added jokingly, flirtatiously.

There was no doubt about who was in charge, and who was along for the ride.  Dylan and his bandmates might as well been rocking in their garage, but they happened to be at the 9:30 Club where The Wallflowers played to a good Thursday crowd of fans singing and swaying along.

Of course, there was Clamdigger.  So named for the dusty coral colored clamdiggers he was wearing.  Shouting “One Headlight” between every song, he was determined to let Dylan know just what he wanted to here.  His friend exhorted everyone near them to shout “The Difference” – a great song, do you know it, he asked needlessly.  But they were merely entertaining, not obnoxious, a group of guys-who-had-ditched-their-wives-and-about-to-have-fun-with-a-capital-F.

It was a nice night for a walk across U Street to the small club.  A great evening for live music and a beer.  Perfect for hanging out with old friends, including The Wallflowers and their stories.  Just right for listening to their bluesier live version of Three Marlenas.

“I don’t mind the chatting,” Dylan said. “I like to think people are talking about the songs, or the characters, or their motivations.”  He read the crowd exactly – the right mix of chatting with the crowd and just grooving to the music.

At another point, he let a fan know “I like you, too” and asked how he should pose for a fan photo.

And yes, he’s even better looking in person.

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