Marcel’s: Small But Tasty Portions

It’s always been on the list of top fancy restaurants in DC, but for some reason, I never made it to Marcel’s until this past weekend.  Call me a skeptic.  I asked around first.  Was it worth it?  The fuss?  As good as Citronelle?  Better?

A foodie couple loved it.

A snotty couple did, too.

Another friend said it was exquisite, but bird-food sized portions.  Her advice, eat before or after dinner.

But a combination of August vacations (by chefs no less!) and Restaurant Week bookings made a trip to Marcel’s inevitable.

It was terrific.  Small portions, yes, but delicious and every bite bursting with flavor – and butter.  Seven courses – each smaller than an appetizer portion (as our waiter told us in the lead up).  What a treat.

Heirloom watermelon – tiny squares of red and yellow fruit mixed with blocks of goat cheese flavored with basil. A lovely sliver of fish in beurre blanc.  The best course?  Duck. Beautiful medalions of red and pink duck break.  A side of duck confit.  Blackberry sauce.  And I don’t even like duck!

The first bite tasted a little duck-y.  But then it might as well have been lamb.  It was luscious.  Not sure I’m a duck convert, but I won’t be able to dismiss it out of hand anymore.

Will I go to Marcel’s again? Maybe – for a romantic dinner out.  It wasn’t cheap – not by a long shot. But it was special.

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