Is Taming of the Shrew In-Law Fare?

shrew_boxingOnly if they called it “taming of the mother in law” right?

Alas, I’m searching for a family (in law) activity for Saturday afternoon. Something where six adults can be together, but not really have to interact. Where we can spend quality time without ever really sharing quality time. I think psychologists call it parallel play.

Nats game?  Nope, not in town, although I wouldn’t mind sending them to St. Louis, there’s a thought.

DC United game? Away Saturday and it’s an evening game … where was it again?

Maybe a play.  Shakespeare Free for All could be the ticket.  Intellectual, interesting, engaging.  Fodder for non-controversial (not sports or politics) conversation over dinner.

But The Taming of the Shrew?  They like to think they are already living that one 😉

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