Too Hot To Do Anything

It’s been a cool summer — at least by Washington standards. But no longer. We’re looking at a hot streak. DC has already issued a heat advisory for noon to 10 pm on Monday. In other words, if you have to be outside, do it before 10 am. And then do your best to stay inside. Or run to and from your car/public transportation/office door to another air conditioned location.

My favorite quote:

The impact of Monday’s searing heat will “be greater” than normal for early August “since full acclimation hasn’t yet” happened for most people, a National Weather Service meteorologist wrote in a discussion of the forecast.

In practical terms:  don the linen pants or sundresses (with cardigan for work, of course), and don’t forget your water bottle.  Time to turn up the AC.  And for goodness sake, stop outdoor activity.  Anyone caught running in this weather should be arrested for endangering their own safety.

Busting open the sweet tea vodka to help get me through the next few.  Cheers.

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