So Much/So Little Time Left to Enjoy Summer

August seems to go on forever, kind of like the DC heat and humidity. It just drags. But August always ends too soon, too. It really is the last hurrah before school starts. It’s the last chance to do all those things you had on your list for the summer, but didn’t get to.

The sad thing is, I know there are some things that just aren’t going to happen in the next four weeks. I accept it with zen-like grace (ha!)

• Beach weekend – I know, right?
• Getting in shape for swim suit season — yeah ….another season that didn’t happen
• Finding the perfect pair of cropped white pants (see comment above)
• Catching up at work (see comment above)
• Silly blockbuster movies — at least I finally checked Harry Potter off that list, but looks like Transformers and Terminator will have to wait for DVD, not that big a loss I guess

I still have hope for a few others and am working hard on these – cannot, will not let summer pass without getting to these:

• Crabs at Cantler’s – maybe this coming weekendcrabcakes
• Weekend trip with the dogs to Congressional Cemetery
• Homemade crab cakes – okay, but made by a first-timer, so likely pizza for dinner that night
• Plan my next big vacation

The perfect way to end summer vacation – by making sure there’s a big trip in the future – and keeping your eyes on the future.

And there’s always football season right around the corner …

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