Green Day at Verizon – Eyeliner, Angst, Great Show

Green Day t-shirtWhat a show!!!  I was lucky enough to be one of the thousands jammed into Verizon Center last night, though not one of the lucky ones on the floor picked out for their Courtney Cox moment.

Billy Joe and Co just looked like they were having a blast on stage, and so was the audience.

From classic teenage angst like Brain Stew and Breakdown to modern rock opera Jesus of Suburbia and American Idiot, Green Day flat out rocked.  So many hits.  And kids in the crowd who looked like they hadn’t been born when Dookie came out singing along and dancing like they were possessed.  Two and a half hours of great music and showmanship.

Songs of uncertainty, disaffectation — the malaise — of a generation (or two), from overbearing parents and dead end jobs to senseless wars and oppressive (and repressive) right wing politics.  Appropriately liberal use of the F-bomb. Engaging the audience.  Being serenaded by girls in tons of black eyeliner.  Hugging random scraggly guys called up to play the guitar or sing one of the songs.

They were authentic and brilliant.

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