No to Michael Vick

Please. I know that he’s talented. And people can debate all they want whether he deserves a second chance. This is what I know: he is divisive and a distraction in the lockeroom. Enough said. That is what matters most to this Redskins (and NFL) fan.

Who needs 18,000 reporters asking about Michael Vick when you’re just trying to make the team, learn your routes or get ready for the next game. Seriously.

How many people have worked with a distracting colleague – someone with unresolved issues? Only this is a colleague with issues … and tons of television cameras around. Don’t tell me that doesn’t make a difference!

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One Response to No to Michael Vick

  1. erikball123 says:

    How about the fact that he a convicted criminal? Everybody forgets about that. Forget locker room conduct…that’s the LAST thing that should be on your mind.

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