Caps Top DC Sports Teams

This just in: ESPN Ultimate Standings rank the Washington Capitals as the “best” team in the area – by a mile.

A young surging team, rabid fans and great ownership catapulted the team into the top 10 – ranking 6th overall out of 122 MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL franchises.  Sadly – but not surprisingly – other DC area teams were clustered near the bottom.

The study looks at eight areas and here’s how we rank the Caps and the ‘Skins:

Criteria Capitals Redskins
How efficiently team has converted money from fans into victories Exceptional (but fans expect even more!) Not so much
Loyalty of ownership & management to core players and community Very well (although I wanted Federov to stay) Misplaced loyalties re: players, complete disregard of fans
Price of tickets, parking, concessions Very good, love Metro access & nearby restaurants Not bad, but parking is overpriced and there’s no other way to get there
Quality of team’s stadium & promotions Very good (except for slushy ice) FedEx is falling apart
Strength of on-field leadership & coaching Exceptional Needs to improve
Number of championships won or likely to be won during fan’s lifetime Best chance for DC fan to win a championship in near future Glory days probably over, but fans still hopeful
Effort players put into game & likability off the field  Nobody plays harder or with more pure joy than the Great 8 Depends on the player, but could improve
How open players, coaches & management are to the fans Wonderful Players and coaches, not bad; Management, no comment

In other words, have to agree with ESPN – huge disparity among sports teams in this market

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