Metro Misery

Carload after carload of crunched, sweaty, wrinkled Washington commuters trying to get to work on time and looking semi-professional – that was the problem today on Metro. Ponytail in face, sweaty back against arm, feeling someone’s leg (calf?) against your leg as you’re standing. Yuck. At 8:10 in the morning, no less.

There’s rush hour and then there’s delayed service on the red line at rush hour.  Where trains usually come every 2-3 minutes, commuters were waiting 5 or even 8 minutes.  No wonder things were packed by the time trains got to Dupont Circle.  Problem is what’s the alternative?  Go back upstairs (after paying for the basic fare) and hail a cab?  Good luck. Better to pile on.  Shove your way on, hold your breath until the doors close.

Another sign Metro needs funding.  Always tough, but almost impossible in this economic environment.  Everyone uses it, but no one wants to pay.  Isn’t that the problem with public goods?  Kinda reminds you of the debate over health care reform, doesn’t it?

Where do I line up to get something (good) for nothing?

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