Tragedy on Metro

Are you afraid to take Metro?

No – unequivocal answer

No, I just don’t want to be in the first or last car – the hedge

Yes, all those germy people – a whole other issue altogether.

Other cities have their Subway, El, T, BART, SEPTA, etc., but Washington has Metro.  It’s clean, safe, air conditioned and user friendly.  Perfect for transporting all the wide-eyed tourists around town, from sight to sight.  It’s air conditioned and carpeted.

Before this week, the only hazards on Metro were the busy Washingtonian mowing down tourists on his way to work (stand on the right, walk on the left people!). Or the huge line at the fare machines, everything held up by the family of 12 that doesn’t understand that a $20 fare card is only good for one person, not for the group.

For locals, we just had gripes: the hordes of clueless tourists, the long wait on weekends, the delays because of track work, the escalator that doesn’t work when you happen to be carrying a heavy suitcase, the car with the broken air conditioning.  Worst of all, the sweaty fat guy who hugs the post during rush hour, leaving you no place to hold on.

But yesterday’s deadly accident shook up all those perception.  Are people around the country worried to take Metro?  Who knows.

It certainly makes you pause – and then you look up to see when the next train is supposed to arrive.

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