Best/Worst Time of the Year

I guess Charles Dickens said it best — it really is the best of times and also the worst of times.

It’s sunny from 5:30 every morning (except when there’s a thunderstorm brewing).  Makes waking up for work that much easier.  Makes coming home great, when it’s light until 9:00 at night.  Great weather for a drink outside.  Great weather for just hanging out in your yard.  Long, lazy days.

It’s also the worst of times.  NBA finals, over.  Stanley Cup, done.  Football season, sooooo far away.  A distant memory. A sports no mans land.  Only baseball to sustain us – what? sorry, I fell asleep.  

And for us poor Washingtonians, no real team either.  The only thing interesting about the Nationals is whether (or when) they will fire their manager.  Or whether the Nats will set a record for least wins, lowest batting average, lowest attendance, etc. etc. etc.

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