Old Places Fading Away

Timberlake’s in DC – what an establishment.  It had been there for what 30, 35 years?  First it was Childe Herald, now Timberlake’s.  What’s next to go?  Already we’re seeing national chains where once we had funky local shops filled with random stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Chipotle as much as any tourist, but do we really need a Johnny Rocket’s?  (if that isn’t a sign that this once gay and artsy neighborhood has gotten yuppified and kidified, I don’t know what is!)

So the food at Timberlake’s was never great, but it was one of the few old time, neighborhood places in Dupont Circle.  People who had lived there in the 70s were still going for a burger and a beer.  Or for brunch.  Tonight’s the last hurrah.

Worse, word is that Pearson’s may be riding into the sunset as well.  Another Washington institution going by the wayside?  Pearsons with its email list, contact paper-covered table in the back and open bottles of wine for tasting and quirky staff.  Sigh.  The place hadn’t been renovated in years – maybe ever, but everyone knew each other.  The cashier had been there for decades, so had the friendly, knowledgeable staff and the guys who help you bring your purchases to the parking lot.

New owners will be taking over.  Not sure when or what they plan to do, but chances are Pearson’s quirky charm and retro feel will be gone.  As will Michael’s stash and the good natured banter there.

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