New Face on the Block

Last night we tried 1905 – great atmosphere, yummy drinks and good (not great food).  The best part?  Feeling like urban pioneers, especially with our across the river friends.

Where’s this place?  my husband asked.  

1905 Ninth Street

1905 Nineteenth Street (thinking) what’s near there.

NO!  Not 19th Street, 9th Street. In Shaw

oh. Where’s that?

Go to U Street and keep going east.  Is that too hipster wanna be?

Naw, let’s try it.

We pulled up in our cab, two guys were standing on the stoop helping direct a car into the spot right in front.  On guy was wearing a faded Redskins jersey – a good sign.  (BTW, who’s number 39?).  

There’s an adorable wine shop on the first floor and the restaurant upstairs.  Small place, cozy feel, cool bar with copper top.  Friendly hipster Australian waiter in yellow shirt covered in small flower pattern tells us that the Peared Up drink is on vacation and that the albarino is on the beach, along with one of the other drinks.  Not good — those were two of my top choices.  But, they got a delivery of the pear vodka later in the evening and I was able to partake – whew!

A great time in a new neighborhood with old friends.  What could be better?

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