Facebook Ettiquette (Update)

It’s not that I’m thinking about quitting Facebook – I’m not. In fact, I’m still a big evangelist, especially for the baby boomer set and the technological laggers. Problem is, people need a refresher in what’s okay and what’s not.

My favorite pet peeves in no particular order:

1 – weird relative/former bf/gf tries to get in touch – go away.  take a hint.  I haven’t just forgotten your friend request, I’ve rejected it

2 – Poking – see #1 and just one question:  why?

3 – inappropriate Wall post – please people, use some discretion

4 – embarrassing photos from [fill in the blank — college, high school, kindergarten, last week] – what’s your point?  You were so cool?  or did I just never give you the time of day?

5 – 25 things you don’t know about me (and I don’t want you to know)

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