Great Season, A Look Forward

It didn’t end the way I thought it would. A blow out. (So glad I didn’t go). Once the Pens started the deluge, it wouldn’t stop. The season ends, but it’s also a new beginning.

I think we’ve solved the goalie issue, don’t you? Varly was amazing. Caps were outshot the entire series and relied on him to keep us in games. He did. He’ll come back and he’ll be even better.

Our young team got experience and toughened up (I hope).  We learned from last year’s loss to the Flyers and grew.  We’ll do the same this year.

Areas for improvements:  Tougher, grittier blue line.  Yes, Poti was playing with a broken foot and I cannot imagine how painful that was. And Green was hurt.  But we need more.  Alzner?  Sloan?  A move for someone new?

Coaching.  I love Gabby.  But the team was flat for what should have been the biggest game of the season.  They were flat for Rangers game 7 as well.  So maybe he needs to press them more.  Or he’s pressing too much when they already feel the pressure.  Whichever it is, he has a long summer to think and retool his approach.

For us fans, it’ll be a sad summer.  We’ll hear more about injuries — Semin?  Ovechkin? Others? 

We’ll have our questions answered:  Will Fedorov be back?  What changes will happen?

In the meantime, we’ll store up our fury – to unleash in the Fall.

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