We’ve Been Here Before

I won’t deny it, last night’s game was incredibly deflating. The Caps played well and almost weathered the Pens power play in overtime, almost.  The air went out of Verizon Center fast. I just wanted to get out of there — me and everyone else.

The fans were great, but we were nervous and it showed.  This wasn’t like game 5 against the Rangers when the fans came out loud and rabid, willing the team to win.  This was nerves — from the fans, but solid play from the team.

I’ve slept on it and here’s what I have to say:  tomorrow’s another day.

Elimination games are nothing new to the Caps. And we have a pretty impressive record (5-1) over the last two seasons. Of course the 1 loss equaled an exit from the playoffs (thanks for nothing Flyers!).

No one is making light of the situation. And the Pens aren’t the Rangers.

That said, when Ovie says it ain’t over, I believe him.

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