Pivotal Game 5 Tonight

okay, so the Caps were never going to sweep the Pens (good thing because I bought tickets to game 5 here at home!). And even winning in 5 was a long shot. But.

We always knew this series would go 6 or even 7 games. And yes, Caps and Pens have just each held serve. But.

It does feel a little like the ice is tilting toward a Pens win, doesn’t it?  Let’s face it, the Caps haven’t been consistent and have relied too much on Varly — who’s been amazing, by the way.  Looks like we found our goalie of the future.

All is not lost.  Tonight’s the time to turn things around, just like the Caps did against the Rangers.  Come out blasting.  And fans come out cheering.

Pittsburgh will be without a healthy Gonchar, which is good news for us.  And the league did the right thing by doing nothing on Ovechkin’s hit.  Clearly it was not intentional, just unfortunate that two guys got tangled up.  Alas, Pens fans (and players) never miss a chance to whine.

So keys to tonight:

Intensity.  Playing in the Pens zone.  Staying out of the penalty box. Varly back to his usual form. And for goodness sake, just shoot the puck, especially on the power play.

But.  We all know that already.

Let’s go CAPS!

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