The Real DC

It’s been hard getting back into the swing of things since coming back from vacation a week or so ago … Watching Al Jazeera English certainly gives you a whole new perspective on the news (BTW, it’s shockingly good, very professional and well done, similar to BBC, in fact …)

The first thing my dogsitter says to me is “What’s wrong with the Caps?” I don’t know! What IS wrong with the Caps? I look at the schedule, some wins, some losses.  Okay.  But it’s not like I lived through them game by game the way I usually do.

Heard the latest from Obama?  I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I sign on to Facebook and it’s like someone made it into Twitter while I was gone.  AACK.

One thing I can keep up with — TV.  Jack Bauer’s running around DC, only there’s an invasion of the White House from some body of water – the Tidal Basin?  Then he’s trying to find WMDs in the port of Alexandria.  Where’s that?  I guess 24’s version of DC isn’t quite up to speed, is it?

Welcome back, Jack.

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