Change I Can Believe In

Yes, I voted for “hope and change” as my friend notes, but unlike my friend, I didn’t actually believe any of the hype. Call me a believer.

But today, one day after the big storm that blanketed Washington, DC, things seem back to normal.  Is this due to President Obama’s shaming of the city during our last snow storm?  Could be.  Whatever the cause, I’m thankful.

Day 1:  5 inches of snow on the ground, fluffy, glorious snow.  Many people working “from home”  Junior staff at work wondering if the two hour Federal Government delay applies to them – even though they live walking distance to work …

Evening 1: mostly cleared roads, mostly shoveled sidewalks, those left uncleared – covered in a thick, stubborn layer of ice

Evening 1, my neighborhood:  Hidden, one way street plowed, mixed review on the sidewalks

Day 2:  Trash left out on the sidewalks, slick sidewalks, freezing cold, everyone “back” at work

Evening 2: Freezing cold, but trash collected.

What?!!!  Usually, a snow “storm” like this would mean no trash pick up for the rest of the week.  Monday no trash pick up, which means everything backed up a day.  Tuesday still on delay, which means maybe we’d be backed up two days.  If we’re lucky, we’d have trash pick up  …  on Thursday, more likely Friday, which is the regular day.

Truly unprecedented:  change I can believe in.

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