Why Does This Feel Like A $100 Million Roll of the Dice?

Lordy, sometimes I wish I were Dan Snyder. I see, I want, I get.

Usually, The Danny wants the big flashy star. Who wouldn’t want to go clubbing with Deion? Or Dancing with Jason?  Sometimes he even wants to hang with the underachieving loser (see Jeff George).  

I’m not saying Albert Haynesworth is a dud. But something feels a little out of alignment here.

Is Haynesworth arguably the best defensive player in football right now?  Sure has that feel.  But.  And there are lots of Buts.  He’s hurt a lot.  He lacks maturity.  He has an awfully bad temper (and that’s an understatement).  Not to mention $100 million is a lot of money.  Especially for a franchise that finished 2-6 last year.

The Redskins fan in me is hopeful.  The realist in me knows this team is unlikely to be great with this philosophy about personnel (see contrast to homegrown Caps).

Still, I renewed my season tickets today.

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