Getting Away With/From The Gang

I’ve always secretly envied but also looked askance at people who travel regularly with others – couples who travel together or groups that go places every year. How grown-up. How very civilized.
But let’s be honest: there’s a difference between hanging out with the gang and not having anywhere to hang out away from the gang.

Sure, I’ve traveled with other couples or even occasionally with family, and it’s always been fine, even fun. But I’ve also recognized that there was at least one point during the trip where things could have easily veered into big disaster. I try as a rule not to tempt fate.

So am I’m missing something here or people are lying when they wax poetic about their wonderful group travel experiences?

Yes life is about compromises, but even on vacation? That’s when I want to do what I want to do, not whittle away time doing something I quite frankly have no interest in. If I’d get greater satisfaction from a nap (and I do love napping!) then there’s something wrong.

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