Inauguration Preview

We’re four days out from the Inauguration, and the city is really bracing for the big day. All week long, people have been streaming in – and more still are on the way. Each day, traffic gets slowly worse and the sidewalks and restaurants get seemingly more crowded.

For us residents, we’re just now focusing in on the logistics: how far does the no-parking perimeter extend? How far IS it to walk from my house to Metro? What time do we have to get to the parade route? Who do I know who has an office with a view? Anyone have tickets to one of the Inaugural Balls?

The real issue is this: Washington likes to be the center of attention, but we never seem to do a good job in the limelight. Think IMF/World Bank protests a few years ago. Or clearing the streets after a mini snow storm. And it’s not just the local government.

There’s a reason all of us moved here. And let’s face it, Washington’s a town where the vast majority of people are “from” somewhere else (another reason why visiting teams aren’t afraid to play in our stadiums and arenas). We want to be at the center of it all.

But not in the Wall Street or Hollywood way. We want to be in the center of the backroom. The one pulling all the strings from behind the curtain.

And that’s why the Inauguration has us in the bind. We want to enjoy our moment in the sun, but we’re worried that the fact that so many people are paying attention may also ruin it for us.

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