2008 Ends with Two Buck Chuck

Is it a sign of the times? Gone are the days of blind wine tasting parties. On the last day of 2008, I hosted an impromptu tasting of “Two Buck Chuck” also known as Charles Shaw wines.

First off, who knew it came in multiple varietals? Pas moi.

Of course, without the benefit of foresight, I had not chilled the whites, so here goes:

Cabernet Sauvignon — I’ve had worse for more. All in all, the best of the bunch. Drinkable.

Valdeques Nouveau – Never heard of this? Like a faux Beaujolais Nouveau? Never mind.  Kool-Aid gone bad.

Merlot – Perfectly acceptable. A bit on the sweet side, but fine.

For a more comprehensive review of Two-Buck Chuck:

There you have it – the last wine tasting of 2008.

As for 2009, what’s in and what’s out? Everyone seems to have a list (two local views here: Ted’s Take and The Washington Post ) , but I’ll add 3 thoughts:

In — California wines, vacations in the Americas and walking/public transportation
Out – South American wines, long weekends in Europe and hybrids

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