My First Season – Not Entirely a Loss

8-8 isn’t bad, I guess. Except for the fact that we started 6-2 with such high hopes, only to be dashed by the 2-6 ahem, slide, skid, debacle. Ah well.

Here are memorable moments from my first season as a Redskins season ticket holder.

9/14 — Home opener. 90 degrees. I’ve sweated through my tank top – who hasn’t. I’m getting sunburned – who isn’t. People all around is getting carried off for sunstroke. Searing heat. And the feud I unintentionally started with the in-laws when we left to go to the game. A win.  I’ve waited a long time for this day. Highlight.

9/28 – Beating Dallas at Dallas. Oh yeah! Highlight.

10/5 – Zorn goes for it on 4th and 2 against the Eagles at the Linc. Portis called the play and delivered. Who knew this would be the high water mark?

10/12 – Rocking FedEx Field in the final seconds. Kick goes through. Did we just lose to the Rams? No seriously. The air sucked out of the crowd. Eerily quiet. Who died? Oh, playoff hopes, only we didn’t know it yet. Definitely a lowlight.

11/3 – Why are there so many Pittsburgh fans here? And can someone please tell the little kid next to me to stop swatting me in the head with his Terrible Towel? A toss-up. Bad loss, but MNF is still MNF.

11/30 – It’s freezing and pouring. And the G-men are thumping us. Good thing I traded up to get seats under cover – that was prescient. Still, a lowlight.

12/14 – Loss to the Bungles. We don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. Lowlight.

12/21 – Howling wind. I can’t feel my fingers. More beer will help. I think we just beat the Eagles. Not sure. Where are my friends? Let’s go where it’s warm. Anyone have food? A highlight.

12/28 – Loss to the 49ers. So predictable. Ranks right there next to loss to Bungles. Talk about futility. Anyone surprised?

All in all, wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

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