Championship City: Philadelphia

There’s nothing like a huge win to unite a city, especially one that’s been waiting 25 years for one.  As one Phillies fan so eloquently put it, “we’ve been waiting 100 seasons for this.”  The longest no-championship streak for a city with all four professional sports has finally come to an end.

It was truly amazing to see.  Crowds of people in red – all sizes and shapes, all ages and races.  All on the edge of their seats, ready for IT.

The way to game 5 of the World Series really said it all.  At least half the people on the platform were bundled in Phillies gear – hats, jersies, t-shirts, jackets.  The trolley door opened, with a happy greeting of “Let’s go Phillies” from the driver.  I sat down next to a hyped up teen, maybe a twenty-something, offering to show me the way to Broad Street for “the big party afterwards.” I declined, but loved his enthusiasm, truly infectious.  Then the cheering started, “Let’s go Phillies” followed by banging on the trolley walls and ceiling. Once we got onto the Broad Street line, it only intensified: an entire platform of red, cheering fans.  People normally busy – or even, dare I say it, surly – greeting strangers as if they were old friends.  All sharing in one universal goal:  a Phillies World Series win.

Remarkable, incredible and uplifting, even to this cynic.  One happy, shining mass of Philadelphian humanity.  I was lucky to be part of it. 

But I had one other thought as I partied in my Phillies hat (newly bought at the stadium): this is awesome, but how much better would it have been, if this were my team?

More on that shortly… 

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